If you’d like me to help share your amazing stories with the world, please reach out. You bring the words, I’ll bring the voice—and together, we’ll make magic!


Oh, the stories I could tell. But, I’ll keep it simple—for now! Those who have spent enough time with me can attest that I’m able to craft colorful tales out of any subject matter. Whether it’s describing something crappy I ate on an exotic travel adventure or sharing the details of a day filled with mundane tasks, turning the experience into an adventure tale comes naturally to me. I guess you could say it’s one of my superpowers.


Where did my love of storytelling come from? I often wonder if it was all those thick novels I read as a teenager. Maybe it was because I grew up with every channel available on cable TV and consumed it like a hefty bag filled with vegan chocolate. Or, perhaps it was growing up on 24-acres of Nebraska farmland with plenty of space to fuel my imagination that created the storyteller, and story lover, in me. Maybe it's a blend of it all or something else altogether.


But I do know this: Everything that happens in our daily lives—whether it’s magnificent and marvelous or boring and yawn-producing—has story potential. And we use slivers of those stories in our marketing, our brands, our educational videos, our film scripts, our animation, our everything. Stories bring things to life. And if there is one thing I’m sure of—I love doing things that bring me to life.

Voiceover is one of those things.
There’s nothing quite like the joy I feel while standing at the microphone—whether alone in my booth or collaborating with a team of others in a recording studio—and bringing a collection of carefully curated words to life.  

Say Hello!

As a voiceover artist, I take great pleasure in sharing stories for my amazing clients. From one liners in video games to being the “voice of” large brands, I’m always delighted to hop in front of the mic and see where the words will take me.




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